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Trouble in Arctic

by Andrew Parkinson, aged 9

Trouble in Arctic by Andrew Parkinson

Read by Chris Pavlo from the BBC Radio Drama Company


Professor Burnswood knew that sound was not good. He looked out and saw the zig zag line rush along the surface of the ice towards them. The professor knew there was not much time. They turned the mobile lab around and set off back towards the edge of the ice shelf. It was too late. The crack in the ice caught up with them and the lab was half swallowed into the arctic ice as a crevasse opened up underneath them. They were in big trouble and they knew it. Professor Burnswood had to seal the lab doors shut. All off a sudden the ice around them started to move again and close up, partly concealing the mobile lab trapping it in an ice cave. The professor and his companion were still inside. They needed rescuing.

The expedition had been going well. Professor Burnswood had been hoping to find a source of mineral which was highly resistant to heat and was believed to be useful in making space craft. Earlier Professor Burnswood and his team had been setting off to explore a possible location and collect samples but now it had turned into major emergency.

They had just about managed to send a mayday back to the main base along with their location before losing contact.

Back at the main base, the emergency action plan swung into operation. They would need the helicopter, ladders and chains. They gathered the equipment required and set off by skiddoo and helicopter. Back on the pack ice Burnswood and his team soon heard the welcome sound of the rotor blades whirring towards them. The rescuers could see the roof and antennae of the lab .....this was going to be tricky and dangerous. The first rescuers to arrive were Base Commander Tipper and his team in the helicopter who then radioed the exact location to the skiddoo crew. In the lab cold icy water was beginning to seap in through one of the doors. Burnswood and his companion moved to the other side of the lab and again tried to communicate with the team up above. As soon as the skiddoo arrived, they immediately helped as the helicopter lowered a rescue line and the chains attached to it were soon hooked onto the top of the lab. The pilot cautiously began to increase the power. The lab began to move up but the chains started to make creaking noises. Suddenly one of the chains snapped and…..

"Andrew, time for tea!" Oh well, the Lego adventure would have to wait until later.

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