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Free the Word: Dimpsy

28 September 2017

Dimpsy by Chrissy Williams

BBC Radio Devon

Dimpsy by Chrissy Williams

Dusk; twilight. Suggested by listeners to BBC Radio Devon.

The thin light fades / we hold our oars close / steady across the estuary / in the last stain of sunlight / past the still cormorants / when the sky gets dimpsy.

def | dusk; twilight.

The origin of dimpsy is not certain. One theory is that it may be derived from dim (which can be used as a noun to mean dusk), and dim certainly seems to be the origin of dimmit, another word from the south-west of England meaning dusk. Dimpsy as an adjective meaning dusky is in regular use in the south-west of England. It is frequently used to describe the distinctive light of dusk (or dawn) or the time when this light is present.

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