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The Wonderful World of Roller Derby

Scottish Roller Derby ... what's it all about? A cross between British bulldog and speedskating, it demands fitness, technique and skating skills, but in exchange for dedication there is an unrivalled feeling of community.

Vonny Gets Her Skates On...

Vonny gets her skates on

Presenter Vonny LeClerc tries roller derby once again.

Rediscovering her own passion for the sport, Vonny visits her old team in Edinburgh, the Auld Reekie Roller Girls, and trains with them for this first time in five years. She also witnesses the A-team snatch a last gasp victory against Nottingham’s Hell Fire Harlots, which propels them back into the European top twenty rankings.

This grassroots DIY sport is a window into an alternative expression of femininity and sisterhood – one that is powerful, fearless and challenging.

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