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Seven impressions of politicians that will make you laugh

No public figures or politicians are safe from Dead Ringers, the award-winning satirical impression show that began on Radio 4 in 2000. The programme's creator and producer, Bill Dare, guides us through seven of the best political sketches from Series 17.

Donald Trump

It’s hard to be more ridiculous than the real thing, but we try. Lewis MacLeod gets his every nuance.

Trump's "dino-mite" idea

White House Press Secretary Sean Michael Spicer receives a late night telephone call.

Theresa May

We thought May was one of those people it would be impossible to impersonate, but Jan Ravens found a way. There’s a crack in her voice that Jan honed in on. She is one of the most recognisable characters on the show.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Theresa May has a big announcement...

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn had been a bit of a comedy black hole for a while but since doing Glastonbury he’s become more fun as a character and now really punches his weight, voiced by Jon Culshaw.

"I am fun Jeremy now"

Jeremy Corbyn briefs John McDonnell on his new press strategy.

Michael Gove

The idea of Michael Gove as a gossipy back-stabber came from Michael Gove himself. Jack Bernhardt dialled up the gossipyness and it’s brilliantly expressed by Jon Culshaw.

Michael Gove on Magic Money Trees

"Theresa said there wasn't a magic money tree but actually there is... I've seen it."

David Davis

The Brexit Bulldog and master negotiator is one of the most "popular" characters. Created by Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain, and voiced by Duncan Wisbey.

A message from the "Brexit Bulldog"

David Davis has an urgent message for the Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband

One of the funniest characters we’ve ever had on Dead Ringers. Jon Culshaw finds his pleading tones brilliantly and we take every chance to put him on.

Jeremy Vine shows Ed Miliband how it's done

Hints and tips from presenter Jeremy Vine to the former Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Anne Marie Morris

Who is she? Can’t remember? Well, she was the MP who used an unacceptable racial slur at a public meeting. Voiced by Debra Stephenson, she’s likely to be a one hit wonder on the show.

Dead Ringers take on Newsnight

Evan Davis and MP Anne Marie Morris are interrupted by an unexpected guest!

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