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Ten things you should know about North Korea

The soap operas show a society that's changing

Inside North Korea's Soap Operas

Journalist Jean Lee explores life inside North Korea through television soap operas

North Korea is pitch black at night

'Why North Korea is pitch black at night'

Melissa Hanham on North Korea’s nuclear programme based on satellite images.

There's a passion for football and the Champions League

BBC Minute: On Football in North Korea

Part 5: Why sport is important to the Communist regime

Myths help shore up a cult around the leadership

BBC Minute: On the myths and legends of North Korea

Did Kim Jong-il really invent the hamburger?

The North and South communicate via green and red phones at the border

North Korea reopens hotline to South Korea

North and South Korea conduct first direct communication in nearly two years

You can't access the internet - but there is a growing free market

BBC Minute: On life inside the world's most isolated country

Part 2: Why there's food shortages and no internet in North Korea

President Trump has been a 'game-changer' for already tense relations

BBC Minute: On why Donald Trump is a 'game changer' for North Korea

Part 5: Pyongyang has described Donald Trump as a 'dotard'

North Korea has ambitions for a missile that can reach the US

BBC Minute: On North Korea's atomic ambitions

Part 4: Could they encourage other countries to follow suit?

North Korean boys are on average 9cm shorter than their South Korean peers

What’s the difference between North and South Koreans?

Has malnutrition affected the North Koreans?

There's a North Korean fan club in Japan

North Korea fan club 'had hate messages'

North Korea fan club: "We had lots of hate messages"