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Anim8: Rules, Terms & Conditions

Welcome to anim8! In collaboration with BBC Worldwide, CBBC is looking for an original animated comedy concept for the CBBC audience, which will be developed to pilot stage.

• This opportunity is for any animator, writer, designer, storyboard artist, studio or company

• You can enter this opportunity as a creative duo – two individuals – or a collective, as long as one member of the team has two broadcast, published or digital credits for commissioned content

• The pilot scheme is open to UK residents only (including residents of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man). Employees of BBC Worldwide or the BBC, as well as their immediate families are not eligible to enter

• You must be aged 18 and over to take part

• You must hold 100% rights in your work as well as own the full rights and permissions in any underlying work

• Please be aware that the rights holder or originator must have eligibility to work in the United Kingdom. Please note that should you be short-listed you will be asked to provide evidence of this

• To be considered, you must register your interest and submit any relevant materials by midnight Friday 22nd January 2016 or we will not be able to take your ideas further

• Please download the submission form linked here or copy and paste this into your browser:

• The scheme is split into five stages with the following deadlines:
Register your project by filling in the submission form and submit relevant material. Although we do not expect fully formed ideas at this stage, we will need enough content to allow us to fully assess your submission. Note that any gaps you have in Stage 1 will be worked on in Stage 2.
Deadline: midnight Friday 22nd January 2016
The shortlist will be announced: Friday 5th February 2016

Here is an idea of what kind of materials you can submit to us:
▪ Concept Treatment
No more than a single side of A4
Written character descriptions ~ designs optional
Three episode springboards or outlines

▪ Pitch Material
Character designs ~ rough sketches are acceptable
Character layout

Your submission will go through a two-part judging process at Stage One. Representatives at CBBC will review the validity of your submission and materials before it is taken to the panel of judges from BBC Worldwide and CBBC

Submit developed work for further assessment
Deadline: midnight Friday 18th March 2016. Note that a small development budget will be available

The shortlist will be announced on Friday 25th March 2016. Participants will be invited to pitch their project on Thursday April 7th or Friday April 8th. Location TBC

We will announce the project we will be taking forward to pilot stage on Friday, April 15th 2016

The fully funded pilot will have been produced and delivered no later than Friday, 2nd September 2016

• Please note that you are not being judged on how you submit and present your ideas to us. For example: if you are a character designer we would expect to see more design work than written work; if you are a writer then we understand you are more likely to submit a script submission rather than art design work

• You are allowed to submit as much as you wish. Note that the amount of material you send us will not be an influencing factor as this is a development opportunity

• All work needs to be typed up for ease of reading, where possible

• Your character designs can be hand-drawn and scanned or drawn digitally. Note that we are not judging you on your experience or ability to draw or animate, rather we are mainly looking at your story-telling ability and how you engage with and employ your characters

• You cannot submit any ideas under consideration with other broadcasters

• You cannot re-submit projects or ideas already under consideration or review at CBBC and/or BBC WW

• You cannot submit projects that are re-workings of current or previous ideas or projects that have been submitted to CBBC or BBC WW

• We are open to all animation styles and genres, including mixed-media and are keen to push boundaries if the project benefits

• Your submission will be judged on originality, creativity, how you engage with the characters, pace, narrative structure and storytelling ability

• We are looking for original, character-driven, fast-paced comedy with great kid ap-peal that will sustain 26 or 52 x up to 22 minute episodes. You can submit short form, seven-minute, eleven-minute, twenty-two minute content

• Ideas must have return-ability. Please be aware that we are NOT looking for one-off specials or long-form content. The characters need to be relatable to a global and CBBC-orientated core audience of 6-12+ year olds, and the tone needs to be fun, up-beat, unpredictable and energetic just like our audience. We are looking for projects with commercial potential and international appeal. Have a look at the CBBC website for inspiration:

• We are not looking for pre-school, documentary or factual-entertainment material

• Your submission will be assessed by the team at CBBC and BBC Worldwide. The projects in the final shortlist at Stage 4 will be reviewed by a panel of judges and one will be selected to go into production

Your material will be judged on the following criteria:
Is the premise new with original appeal? Does the premise work for a CBBC audience? Does the premise have strong, engaging characters who drive the show? Are the characters attractive to the target audience? Is the world-setting believable? Does the premise have international appeal ?

• We will not offer feedback during the initial stages but will do so from stage 3 onwards

• Unfortunately, due to the high number of submissions we estimate we will receive only those people who are short listed will be contacted after the Stage 1 deadline, and we will not be able to provide feedback on your ideas. However, we will consider all applications carefully

• If you have not heard from us by midnight on Friday February 5th, 2016, you can assume that your project has not made it to Stage 2 and are free to send your material to other broadcasters

• We are not accepting any postal submissions; you must submit everything electronically:

• You can use any electronic service to submit your content to us, such as wetransfer, Dropbox, Box, etc. Please note that the BBC cannot access anything on an FTP link. Should you need help with this, get in contact with Desiree Peeters and we will be able to provide a private Box link to upload your materials

• Pitching your ideas will take place at MediaCityUK in Manchester or at White City, London - both these locations are still yet to be confirmed. CBBC will help with transportation and accommodation if needed

• Please note that this is not an employment opportunity, but an opportunity for CBBC to develop your ideas for broadcast. You will have creative input throughout the process, however, we reserved the right to have editorial input throughout the development process. Creative support and input will be accessed on a case by case basis by CBBC

• All information provided is subject to and will be treated in accordance with the BBCˋs Privacy Policy Your information will not be used for any purpose other than assessing applicants to take part in the named BBC opportunity and will be shared only with the relevant third parties the BBC has engaged as part of this opportunity. Your information will be securely and permanently deleted. Stage 2, shortlisted projects will be deleted 6 months from Friday, March 18th, 2016. Stage 3 shortlisted projects will be deleted 6 months from Friday, 25th March, 2016

• If your project is taken forward from stage 2 to 3 and beyond, CBBC and BBC WW will require ownership of all rights in the project for a period of 12 months (such period to begin on Friday 5th February 2016, the date the successful producers are notified that their projects are being taken forward) and it is a condition of entry that, if you reach this stage, you will sign any additional documentation in order to assign all rights to CBBC and BBC WW on this basis. If you have any concerns about this requirement, we would advise you not to enter. If your project is taken forward from stage 2 to 3 and beyond, CBBC and BBC WW reserve the rights to enter into negotiations with you during such 12 month period to discuss and agree terms for the possible exploitation of your project. In the event that CBBC and BBC WW are unable to agree terms with you for the exploitation of the project during this 12 month period, CBBC and BBCW shall assign all ownership rights in the project back to you upon your written request. Please note that, in the event your project is taken forward to pilot stage, the ownership position will be different (as further detailed below)

• If your project is taken forward to pilot stage, CBBC & BBC WW will assign back to you the rights in the project which were initially assigned by you to CBBC and BBC WW (as per the above) on Friday, 1st of April, 2016 - the date the successful project is announced. However, CBBC and BBC WW shall retain ownership of the pilot created as part of this process. You hereby agree as a condition of your entry into this process, in consideration of the investment by CBBC and BBC WW in your project, that in the event your project is taken forward to pilot stage, you will enter into a period of exclusive negotiations with CBBC and BBC WW, acting reasonably and in good faith, for a period commencing on Friday 1st April 2016 and expiring 18 months after the date of completion of the pilot with the objective of agreeing the terms of CBBC/BBC WW’s exclusive exploitation of a television programme based on your project and all ancillary rights. In the event that you and CBBC/BBC WW have not agreed the terms of such exploitation during such period, but CBBC and BBC WW can demonstrate material commercial interest in your project at such time, such exclusive negotiation period will be extended to expire 24 months after the date of completion of the pilot. If you and CBBC/BBC WW have still not agreed the terms of such exploitation during such extended period, you are free to exploit your project elsewhere with any third party (but not the physical pilot) provided that you offer CBBC and BBC WW last matching rights in respect of any exploitation (which means that any terms agreed with any third party for exploitation must first be offered to CBBC and BBC WW for their acceptance before you legally commit to any such third party, such acceptance or rejection to be notified to you within 30 days of offer). During the period of exclusive negotiations referred to in this paragraph, you shall not discuss your project with or disclose the terms of any CBBC/BBC WW discussions to any third party. In addition, following such period of exclusive negotiations referred to in this paragraph, you shall not disclose the terms of any CBBC/BBC WW discussions to any third party

• Notwithstanding the foregoing, please be aware that this is an editorial process throughout which the decision of CBBC and BBC WW shall be final. Accordingly, there shall be no obligation on CBBC and BBC WW to take any project forward to pilot stage in the event that there is no project which is editorially suitable

• Please be aware that taking a project through to the pilot stage is not a commitment to take the project into production

• Make sure you fully understand all the rules, terms and conditions for this opportunity to avoid disappointment and potential disqualification

• We cannot return any hard copies of materials you submit or leave with to us

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