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The Full Story: what happened the night of Matt's hit and run

On the night of the Hunt Ball in October 2017, Matt Crawford was struck down by a car and left in a ditch. Speculation was rife with Adam, Justin and Shula in the frame, but now the truth is out and it turns out to have been the most unlikely of Ambridge residents - Nic Grundy.

The night of the Hunt Ball

Having knocked back a fair few whiskeys at The Bull, Matt was all set to whisk Lilian away to Ecuador or so he thought as he stumbled his way down the lane that leads to Grey Gables...

"Help me….Lilian…?”

Is Matt's life hanging in the balance?

Nic's last words

It wasn't until Joe told Ed what Nic's last words were that all those months of speculation came to an end... but even then we weren't sure what to believe.

Will tells all

Over beers in the Gundy's cider shed Will explained to Ed what Nic did that fateful night...

"Maybe I should feel guilty, but honestly I don't"

Will tells Ed how he helped cover up Nic's hit and run.

I did the right thing. We both did the right thing.
Will Grundy

Nic had left her shift at The Bull early to go and collect Poppy who was feeling unwell. With Poppy in the back seat, Nic drove quickly to get her home, but when Poppy threw up Nic instinctively turned around, taking her eyes off the road. That’s when it happened. Nic stopped the car but it was dark and her phone wouldn't work so she drove home.

Will goes on to tell Ed that Nic arrived home in tears, "she wasn't making sense" and his first thought was that she must have hit a deer so he went back to the lane to see what had happened. There was an ambulance and several police cars there already. He panicked and returned home where he washed and fixed up the car. Nic had wanted to confess, he told Ed, but Will talked her out of it, she “always said that if anyone got charged she would confess."

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