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Autism and Me

by Lia, aged 8

Autism and Me

Read by Rhiannon Neads from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

When I was born the doctor said,
This child has Autism in her head.
So what is Autism and what does it do?
Well I’ll try to explain it a little to you.
You can’t catch Autism,
And it’s really hard to see,
Because Autism isn’t anything,
It’s just what makes me, me !
It’s in my brain and goes down to my toes,
It’s in the way that I am that it really shows.
I might not do things just like you,
I might seem naughty but that just isn’t true.
I have to live with Autism even at school,
So it’s not always easy to follow the rules.
Sometimes I shout, kick and scream,
I really don’t like to look so mean.
But my brain feels like a time ticking bomb,
When I don’t understand what’s going on.
Sometimes I wriggle and Jiggle,
When I should be sitting still,
But it feels like ten thousand ants are using me as a hill.
So I jump around and flap my arms,
I don’t mean to cause you any harm.
Noises and sounds can be quite bad,
I hear them all at once and my ears go mad.
To you the noises sound quite the same,
But to me it’s like rockets going off in my brain.
Sometimes I sit and stare into space,
But guess what you could see if you were sat in my place.
A beautiful butterfly, a shiny sun,
Take a look with me, it really is fun.
So everyday things that seem easy for you,
Can muddle my brain, that is true,
But I still love to play, to sing and to party,
I can learn English and Maths and I love being Arty.
So if I seem different and do things out of rhythm,
Remember, I’m just like you but I have Autism.

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