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1: ¡Hola! ¿Qué hay?

Hello! How are you?

Charlie visits Quique's apartment for the first time and meets his mum, Sofía, his Uncle Manu and their neighbour Teresa. Teresa tells a story about getting to know your neighbours and Uncle Manu sings about their district of Madrid - Lavapiés. Key vocabulary includes greetings, names and animals and there is help with pronunciation of vowel sounds and comparing names in Spanish and English.

Clip 1: En el piso de Quique y Sofía

In Quique and Sofía's flat

Charlie has recently come from England to live in Madrid. She visits her new friend Quique at his home in Lavapiés, where she meets Quique's mum Sofía, and his Uncle Manu, who will all help her learn Spanish.

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Clip 2: Cuento - El nuevo vecino

Story - The new neighbour

Teresa the Hamster is from Mexico and doesn't know her neighbours in Madrid. She bakes some magdalenas and leaves them on her neighbours' doorsteps with a note introducing herself. Soon she has lots of friends!

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Themes, Vocab and Grammar

Themes and vocabulary Grammar and pronunciation
describing what you like and dislike doing using infinitives
school in Spain the names of school subjects in Spanish
describing your friends words to describe a person's character
giving opinions putting infinitives and opinions together

Clip 3: En el piso de Quique y Sofía

In Quique and Sofía's flat

Quique and Sofía help Charlie to say where she is from using the Spanish soy de. They also help her to understand the names of some countries and cities in Spanish and also to improve her vowel sounds.

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Key vocabulary 1

Spanish English
cantar to sing
charlar to chat
dibujar to draw
escribir to write
escuchar música to listen to music
ir a conciertos de música to go to music concerts
ir al cine to go to the cinema

Clip 4: Canción - Mi barrio

Song - My neighbourhood

In this song, Uncle Manu welcomes us to the district of Lavapiés in Madrid where Charlie and Quique live. He tells us what it's like and what you can find there.

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Key vocabulary 2

Spanish English
amable friendly
creativo/a creative
feliz happy
generoso/a generous
inteligente intelligent
reservado/a reserved / shy
valiente brave