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Viking Saga Songs: 3. Goblins a go-go!

The goddess Freya journeys to the underground world of the goblins - sworn enemies of the gods. They have a fantastic necklace that Freya wants. But there's a high price to pay for it...a big, sloppy kiss for each goblin!

The saga

You wouldn't have caught me going in. But Freya did...

Freya is the Viking goddess of the weather and the seasons - Odin has chosen her to control the wind, sun and rain. Freya is beautiful - though Loki thinks all she's interested in is fine clothes and jewellery. Freya stumbles across a cave in Midgard and goes inside. There she finds goblins mining for silver, gold and gems. The goblins are the sworn enemies of the gods and Freya knows she'll be in trouble if anyone finds out what she's doing. But she sees a necklace the goblins have crafted, which she decides she must possess - whatever the cost. So the goblins name their price - a big kiss for each of them! In the second part of the story Odin trusts Loki with the task of reconciling Freya with her outraged husband, Odur.

In the saga...

Name Reminder
Freya Viking goddess of the weather and the seasons
Loki Viking god of fire
Odin Chief of all the Viking gods
Odur Freya's husband - he feels so shamed by Freya's actions that he runs away from Asgard
Asgard Shining city of the gods
Midgard Home of the humans - connected to Asgard by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge
The goblins Sworn enemies of the gods. They can make the most fantastic jewellery...and Freya wants their necklace whatever the price!
Heimdall Guardian of Bifrost. Strong sense of sense of humour

In the song tutorial

Timing Content
00 00 Listening to the words of the song and finding out about the context of goblins in Viking stories.
02 30 Learning Verse 1, beginning: 'Goblins a go-go...' Noting the nonsense words. Then listening and repeating a line at a time - slowly at first, then up to speed.
04 43 Learning Verse 2, beginning: 'Picking and shovelling...' Noting that the tune is the same as Verse 1 but is sung higher.
06 48 Learning Verse 3, beginning: 'We're slimy, we're greasy...' Noting that the melody is sung higher again, but is still based on just three notes.
09 10 Learning the final verse, beginning: 'The price that we ask...' This time the tune is sung to just two notes. Practising making the kissing sounds. The tutorial ends with an invitation to sing the song all the way through - up to speed - and thinking about the quality of voice used for the goblins.

Story questions

What is the name of the Viking goddess of the weather and seasons?


What event prompts Freya to want a new dress?

Odin will be holding a special banquet

What is Freya's husband called and what is he like?

Odur - he's a bit stuffy and feels shamed by Freya's actions

Why does Freya go into the cave?

She's worried about getting her hair wet

What price must Freya pay for the necklace?

A big kiss for each goblin - on the lips