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Construction worker recreates day job in miniature

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages and this week's Get Creative Everyday Artist certainly proves that's true. Construction worker Gary Cummins spends his work life operating heavy equipment but it's the lighter side of photography that is his hobby and escape.

He recreates scenes in miniature, many of them with a building theme, giving a giant and humorous perspective on everyday life, whether that's excavating an avocado with a mini digger or using tiny pots of red paint for a manicure.

Excovado draws on Gary's day job as a heavy equipment operator in construction

Originally from Waterford in Ireland, Gary now lives in Toronto, Canada, where he developed his love of amateur photography. "I always had a small interest but when I saw the never ending works of art here it inspired me to try new things," he said.

Gary Cummins
I work in construction as a heavy equipment operator and photography is my escape.

"Actually creating the scene is pretty straight forward but some can be a little tedious at times. Working in construction gives me ways to incorporate them into everyday tasks. Some patience and a steady hand works a treat. I often use some Blue Tac to help set them in place before capturing them on film.”

"There are so many talented people out there always bringing new ideas to the table and I owe these artists for giving me the inspiration to create my scenes.

"It’s still very much just a hobby. I get inspiration for my miniature scenes from the internet mainly. It’s a great tool to learn and even teach other new skills and techniques."

“Some of my workforce carving out some chess pieces.”
Close Shave


Each month Get Creative Champion Voluntary Arts chooses a different theme for its #LoveTo... campaign, aimed at encouraging people to share their creativity on social media.

Along with #LovetoPHOTO there's also been #LovetoKNIT, #LovetoDANCE and #LovetoDRAW, even #LovetoCARVEPUMPKINS.

Depending on the theme, photos are shared through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the appropriate hashtag. Organiser and Chief Officer of Voluntary Arts Ireland, Kevin Murphy, said the campaign was open to people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.

“Being creative is as natural as breathing – we all do it whether we realise it or not. From those who love a good singsong and dance, to those who love to doodle on their notebooks or take pictures on their phones or organise a creative activity," he said.

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Gary shared his images as part of Voluntary Arts' #LovetoPHOTO month, a celebration of both amateur and professional photography aimed at encouraging more people to experiment with their cameras.

"We have seen hundreds of fantastic images being shared from right across the UK, R.Ireland and indeed the world," said Voluntary Arts Ireland Chief Officer Kevin Murphy.

Miniature workmen help out on a manicure