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Surround Sound Horror

Download Binaural versions of Ring & The Stone Tape

How to hear Ring & The Stone Tape in Binaural:

First, grab a pair of headphones:

You will need to wear headphones to experience the surround sound quality of Binaural audio. The better quality your headphones, the better it will sound.

Listen online:

Plug your headphones into your desktop computer/laptop/tablet/mobile and stream the audio:

Listen to Ring in 3D Binaural Sound

Listen to The Stone Tape in 3D Binaural Sound

For the highest audio quality possible, listen using a desktop computer connected to wifi.

Or, download the dramas in the iPlayer Radio app:

The iPlayer Radio app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Search for Fright Night: Ring or Fright Night: The Stone Tape, press download and be terrified on the move.

What is Binaural Sound?

It is a sound production technique that mimics the natural hearing cues created by our head and ears to create the impression of 3D sound when listening on headphones.

This is as opposed to listening to stereo sound on headphones, as we currently do, which leads to the impression that sounds are all inside your head.

Think of the implications for Horror!

For more detail about the technology which makes Binaural possible check out this blog by the BBC R&D team.

Try binaural sound now with this clip from Ring

Preview of Ring in Binaural Sound

Get a taste of surround sound horror with this exclusive preview clip.