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6 School Assembly Memories To Take You Back

BBC Ten Pieces is asking schools across the UK to host their own musical assembly this June! Ahead of the event, we reminisce on all the memories that made assemblies an integral part of our educational life. We hope the nostalgia will inspire you to hold your own BBC Ten Pieces Assembly (if you’re a teacher of course), along with hundreds of schools already signed up.

1. The Homemade Costume

Everyone remembers the Papier-mâché disasters that haunted our childhoods. The pillowcase with a belt, the tea towel on the head and the see-through tights were a demonstration in thriftiness and craftiness to behold.

2. The Pressure of Learning Your Part

Whether you were a narrator, a musician or a tree – learning your part was crucial. Practice takes time, but the rewards are great. Check out practice perfection as Songwires in Thirsk performed Kerry Andrew’s No Place Like as part of BBC Ten Pieces.

3. The Extra Loud Participant

No need for amplification or a microphone with this individual – a noise warning and ear plugs were a must for spectating classmates, teachers and family members. So confident were these children in learning their part (see above), that they simply needed to let the whole world know. Secretly, they’re our favourites.

4. The Enthusiastic Parent

This particular character can be spotted by three things: a video camera or phone, excessive waving and a tear in the eye (you know, like the 'cool mom' from Mean Girls). Without the enthusiastic parent many famous actors, musicians and singers would not be where they are now – we commend their enthusiasm.

5. The Hierarchy

The hierarchy in the assembly hall was much like The Globe in Shakespearean times. The groundlings (the youngest of the children) were condemned to sit on the floor cross-legged amongst each other. Fast forward a few years and you were suddenly upgraded to your viewing pleasure upon a gym bench. Power never felt so good.

6. The Music

The everyday “play-in”, the sing-a-longs with an acoustic guitar or a spectacular melodious performance – music is an essential part of every school assembly.

To celebrate a fantastic school year of music-making and creativity, we’re encouraging schools and teachers to take part in a UK-wide celebration by putting on your own Ten Pieces Assembly.

Hold your assembly any time between Monday 3 and Friday 7 June, on a day that works for your school. Let us see any photos and videos taken for a chance to be featured on the Ten Pieces website.

Sign up to BBC Ten Pieces!