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How to take part in the Virtual Orchestra

Here are some top tips for making your Virtual Orchestra performance video the best it can be:

How to prepare

  • Watch the conducting lesson with Marin Alsop.
  • Collect together everything you'll need: instrument, sheet music, recording device, headphones.
  • Make sure you tune up to our conductor's 'A' before you start.
  • Practice playing along to the 'Toreador Song' at least once.
  • Don't wear or include any prominent branded materials or clothing. If you do, we may not be able to include your performance in the final film.

Finding the right location

  • Choose somewhere quiet.
  • Opt for a simple background to help you stand out.
  • Make sure your face is well lit.

Your recording set up

  • Film your video using a digital video camera or the in-built camera on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Shoot your video in landscape mode.
  • Make sure your recording device is set up in a stable position to avoid a wobbly picture.
  • You can use the in-built microphone, but plugging in an external microphone might help you produce a better sound.
  • It's important we only hear your performance (and not the backing orchestra!)
  • Using the backing track? Please listen to this through headphones as you play (earbuds on on-ear headphones are both fine).
  • No backing track? No headphones needed, but please follow the conductor's beat to keep time.
  • Don't zoom in too much. Make sure everything you want us to see is in shot - we want to see who's playing!
  • Why not film a rehearsal to check you're happy with how the shot looks and sounds?

And, most importantly of all: play proudly, loudly and have fun!