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About Tweet of the Day

Tweet of the Day is a series of fascinating stories about our British birds inspired by their calls and songs.

Radio 4 Tweet of the Day is a series of 90 second episodes broadcast on BBC Radio 4, every weekday Monday - Friday.

Each Radio 4 Tweet of the Day begins with a different call or song of a British species, followed by a story of fascinating ornithology inspired by the sound. The series will run for a year, amounting to 265 episodes in total, narrated by wildlife presenters.

Not only will the series feature songs or calls which you are likely to hear each month, but also offers a fascinating insight into the behaviour or habits of the bird, their literary or folklore associations, stories of science or conservation success.

Working with a team of wildlife sound recordists, Gary Moore, Geoff Sample, and Chris Watson as well as recordings from the Natural History Unit Sound Archive, this series written and produced by the BBC Natural History Unit is a wildlife treat.


The Tweet of the Day presenters each month are: 

May - Sir David Attenborough

June - Miranda Krestovnikoff

July - Steve Backshall

August - Michaela Strachan

September - Brett Westwood

October - Chris Watson

November - Martin Hughes-Games

December - Chris Packham

January - Kate Humble

February, March, April - tbc


Tweet of the Day begins on 6th May 2013, with Sir David Attenborough voicing the stories in May.

We begin with the cuckoo; the song of the male is perhaps familiar to us all but how many of us can say that we have seen the bird itself?

Later in May, there's the nightingale - part 1 & part 2 (and we hear how our wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson captured the song battle of two competing males), as well as the song thrush, grey heron, garganey and spotted crake to name but a few.


Miranda Krestovnikoff is voicing the stories in June.

We begin with the Nightjar; a bird which produces a strange churring sound which you can hear on a warm summer evening on the heath where the birds nest.

Later in the month, there are the diabolical screeches of Manx Shearwaters, (and we hear how our wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson captured the screaming cackling calls of these birds as they returned to Bardsey Island under cover of darkness).

There are also songs, calls and stories about the Golden Oriole, Cormorant, Puffin and Kittiwake to name but a few.

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