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Puzzle for Today

Puzzle No. 486 – Thursday 23 May

After 12 seasons, the American sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" airs its final episode tonight in the UK. It initially centred around Caltech physicists Sheldon & Leonard and their interactions with their neighbour Penny. There are 279 episodes in total with each episode lasting 20 minutes. A superfan wants to binge watch the entire series. The superfan treats it as a job, watching Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm as well as taking a 1 hour lunch break. How many days would it take to complete the entire series?

Today’s #PuzzleForToday has been set by Bobby Seagull, a school Maths teacher and Cambridge University Doctorate student.

14 days

279 episodes x 20 minutes = 5580 minutes in total

5580 minutes / 60 minutes = 93 hours total to watch

For a 9am - 5pm slot, there are 7 working hours.

With 7 hours per day, 93 hours / 7 hours = 13.29 days

So they will need 14 days to complete the series.

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