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6 of the best celebrity impressions by other famous people

Emma Stone's Britney Spears impression is amazing

This would be a brilliant party trick.

There's something fascinating about famous people doing impressions of other famous folk, isn't there? Us mere mortals can try and do our best Michael Caine when called upon, but seeing our heroes do the same is weirdly hypnotic (and way better, obvs).

1. Tom Hiddleston does an AMAZING Graham Norton...

We all know that Mr. Hiddleston is an utterly charming chap but did you know the range of his impressions? This attempt at chat show host Graham Norton is almost too perfect. Check out those mannerisms as well!

2. YouTube star Joe Sugg has quite the collection...

(Warning: Third party video may contain adverts)

YouTube fave Joe is partial to doing loooooads of impressions on his channel, even though he doesn't think he's any good at them. We beg to differ, mate.

3. Ariana Grande can absolutely nail singers from the '90s...

(Warning: Third party video may contain adverts)

We all know the awesome Ariana for her mind-blowing vocal skills but turning her talents to mimicking Britney? Is there no end to this woman's abilities?!

4. Benedict Cumberbatch does a mean Chewbacca (and Graham Norton laugh)

The Sherlock actor is known for being suave and sophisticated but don't be fooled: he knows his Star Wars.

5. Chris Pratt's TOWIE effort is arguably one of the funniest things ever

Americans doing British accents are, let's be honest, often terrible. But the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star is the exception. Not only is his interpretation SPOT ON, but he tackles the TOWIE accent with easy.

6. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's Kermit the Frog is perfect

He may be king of the cartoon character voices, but the Family Guy and American Dad! creator does a rather excellent Kermit as well.