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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the frequently asked questions about Songs of Praise. Please note that because of the volume of emails we receive, if you contact us with a question that has been answered below you will not receive a personal reply.

Where can I find details of individual programmes?

The locations visited, music performed and many other details are included in the weekly programme pages (episodes) on the website.

I missed the programme, will it be repeated?

Songs of Praise is not repeated on the BBC on any channel or format. If you are in the UK, however, you can watch each week's programme on the Songs of Praise homepage.

Can I get a copy of a particular programme?

BBC Store has now closed so we’re sorry that it is not possible to purchase a past programme of Songs of Praise. However each new episode can be watched again on BBC iPlayer for up to 30 days after the original transmission.

Can I watch Songs of Praise again online?

Yes, if you live in the UK. You can watch the most recent episode on the Songs of Praise homepage & BBC iPlayer.

Can I take part in the programme? We are visiting the UK; can we attend a recording?

Keep an eye on our tickets page, which we update with locations where we will be recording. This page will give details of the place, date, times and how to apply for tickets.

When can I apply for tickets to the next Big Sing recording?

Details of how you can apply for tickets will appear on the tickets page and an announcement will be made on a future programme; keep watching so you don't miss out. Unfortunately, the Songs of Praise office cannot reserve tickets.

How do I invite Songs of Praise to our church/area?

Songs of Praise receive many invitations for us to hold recordings at wonderful churches all over the country; however, it is often the case that the technical requirements of a major television recording preclude us from taking things further. Consequently, we are unable to respond to suggestions of this nature.

However if you you think your church has a story you think we could tell about it, then please fill out a story submission form in our "Contact Us" section of the website.

What should I do if I have a programme idea?

Look at our “Contact Us” section for more information and ways to send us your ideas for the programme.

Can I get hold of the words and music featured on Songs of Praise?

Some of the words and music may be commercially available either in the Songs of Praise Hymn Book or other hymn books. However, we cannot reproduce copies of the music used within individual episodes for copyright reasons. Each programme page lists details about the music.

Sheet music for the Songs of Praise signature tune, composed by Robert Prizeman, is published by Chester Music, catalogue number CH55835. You can listen to the theme tune on CD 2 of the Songs of Praise Album.

Where can I purchase the Songs of Praise CD?

The Songs of Praise Album is available in all major record stores, online music stores and in many supermarkets.

Unfortunately, the Songs of Praise Album hasn't been released outside the UK, and we don't know of any plans for this to happen.

Where can I purchase the Songs of Praise Hymnbook?

The Songs of Praise hymn book can be ordered from most Christian book shops. Publishing details are:

BBC Songs of Praise

Published by Oxford University Press (1997)

ISBN 0-19-147325-1

Where can I find information about Songs of Praise in Australia?

You can find programme information on the ABC Television website.

Where can I buy books about Songs of Praise?

Any good highstreet or online bookshop will have in stock or will be able to order the following Songs of Praise books:

Songs of Praise The Nation's Favourite Carols

ISBN number: 0 7459 5180 5

Author: Andrew Barr

Publishers: Lion Publishing PLC

Songs of Praise The Nation's Favourite Hymns

ISBN number: 0 7459 5143 0

Author: Andrew Barr

Publishers: Lion Publishing PLC

Songs of Praise: A Christmas Companion

Published by Lion Publishing

19th September 2003

ISBN 0 7459 5126 0

price £9.99

Songs of Praise: A Lent and Easter Companion

Published by Lion Publishing

23rd January 2004

ISBN 0 7459 5127 9

price £9.99

What should I do if my question isn't answered on this page?

If you cannot find a suitable answer for your query, please email Songs of Praise ( and one of the team will try to help.