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Cast and credits: episode 2

Here's the team behind the second episode of series 8 - were you involved?

Newsjack was performed by Justin Edwards, Pippa Evans, Lewis Macleod and Nadia Kamil.

It was written by:

Alice Gregg

Caspian James

Charlie Connolly

Chris Allen

Dave Williams

Elaine Malcolmson

Fred Spanner

Garry Abbot

Graeme McCarthy

Graham Kilvington

Grant Lane

Hayley Ellis & Brennan Reece

James Bugg

Jamie Gladden

John McGlade

John Walker

Jonathan Irwin

Keri Williams

Kerris Kent

Kevin Archer

Kevin Baker

Lex Genn

Mark Cowling

Mathilda Gregory

Matt Fishwick

Matt Oakley

Max Davis

Mike Whalley

Mike Yeoman

Nathan Gower

Owen Seddon & Emlyn Williams

Pippa Evans

Sean Bennett

Steve Holford

Thomas Smith

Tom Crawshaw

Wil Walker

Will Trimble

 It was script edited by Eddie Robson and Tom Neenan and the producers were Lyndsay Fenner and Ed Morrish.

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