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Victory of the Daleks

To find out more about the Doctor's old friend Winston Spencer Churchill, visit our page devoted to him. Find out more about the blitz from the people that survived it on the BBC's WW2 People's War pages and share their evocative recollections of living through World War II.

Churchill's comment about Hitler invading hell is a version of the comment he made during the course of the war, stating, 'If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.'

At one point the Doctor murmurs, 'The final end...' In the 1967 story The Evil of the Daleks, the Second Doctor uses these exact words whilst surveying the Daleks attacking each other as they wage civil war. In that adventure he believed he was witnessing the death of his oldest enemies but he was mistaken and the Daleks returned several years later to once again terrorise the universe!

Amy calls Edwin Bracewell 'Paisley' and 'Paisley Boy'. Paisley is a town in Renfrewshire, central Scotland and was the birthplace of Executive Producer and Lead Writer Steven Moffat.

At one point Churchill urges 'Action this day!' The Prime Minister - famous for his hatred of procrastination - would attach notes containing these three words to memos which he wanted dealt with immediately.

The call names Broadsword and Danny Boy are references to Where Eagles Dare in which the line 'Broadsword calling Danny Boy' is repeated by a character who shares the name the Doctor occasionally adopts - John Smith. Where Eagles Dare is both a novel by Alistair MacLean and a movie scripted by the author. Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood are the film's leads but it also features Peter Barker (Clent in The Ice Warriors) and Ingrid Pitt who appeared in two Doctor Who stories - The Time Monster and Warriors of the Deep.

Victory of the Daleks contains several nods to previous Dalek stories. These include the 'time corridor' reference - a technology revealed in Resurrection of the Daleks and mentioned in Remembrance of the Daleks. The episode also references Rels, the Dalek unit of time used in stories such as Doomsday.

We are reminded that the Doctor's TARDIS is a 'Type 40'. There were originally 305 registered Type 40s, but by the Doctor's finally made it back to Gallifrey in The Deadly Assassin, the rest had been decommissioned. Many people, notably the Master, may have been disrespectful about the old ship but it survived every other TARDIS with the Tenth Doctor stating it was the only one left in existence.

The Daleks' ruse of pretending to assist humans ties in with the sneaky scheme they hatched in The Power of the Daleks where they claimed they simply wanted to help colonists on the planet Vulcan. Their hollow-sounding claim during that adventure - 'I am your servant' is echoed in Victory of the Daleks with their mendacious assurance: 'I am your soldier'.