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The Lodger

The Lodger was part of Block 7 of the production schedule, along with Amy's Choice. The read through for both episodes took place at Upper Boat on the afternoon of Wednesday, 17 February 2010.

The real name of the cat that features in The Lodger is Pearl.

The Doctor and Amy never actually meet in the episode. That's very rare but not unique for a Doctor Who story. In Attack of the Graske, the Doctor makes it clear he's continuing to travel with Rose, but we never actually see her onscreen.

The Lodger is by Gareth Roberts who also wrote The Shakespeare Code and The Unicorn and the Wasp, as well as co-writing Planet of the Dead. He also wrote the interactive mini-episode, Attack of the Graske.

Gareth wrote the comic strip adventure The Lodger which featured the Tenth Doctor. Although the Eleventh Doctor episode, The Lodger, is not a straight-forward adaptation of the earlier story, it contains similarities, principally in showing how the Doctor would fare spending time (in Amy's words) as a 'normal bloke'. Gareth has revealed that when Steven Moffat became Doctor Who's lead writer and Executive Producer he immediately asked him to do a version of his comic strip story, The Lodger. The resulting episode uses themes present in the earlier work but adds many original elements including a new protagonist and a new housemate - Craig Owens.

As well as a comic strip by Gareth Roberts, The Lodger was also the title of Alfred Hitchcock's first thriller (aka The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog). It's not the first time a Doctor Who adventure has had a title already used for a movie. Previous examples include Underworld, Black Orchid, and Voyage of the Damned.

Fans of Gareth Roberts don't have to wait too long to enjoy more of his writing! He's confirmed that he's scripted episodes of the next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

In interview for this site, James Corden revealed he'd been approached to appear in earlier episodes of Doctor Who but on those occasions, previous commitments prevented him from accepting.

There's a reminder of the previous episode - Vincent and the Doctor - when part of a reproduction of a Van Gogh painting is glimpsed on Craig's fridge.

The Doctor wears the number 11 jersey when he plays for the King's Arm team - appropriate, as he's the Eleventh Doctor and The Lodger is the eleventh episode of the series. Other famous number 11s include the legendary Romario (who wore number 11 whilst playing for Brazil's World Cup wining side of 1994) and Ryan Giggs (long time Manchester United number 11).

The Lodger was first broadcast on 12 June, 2010, the same day England's national football team played a World Cup match against the USA. The last time an episode of Doctor Who aired on the same day that England played in the World Cup was 1 July, 2006. They crashed out of the tournament on the day Army of Ghosts debuted.

The scenes where the Doctor played football so brilliantly did not take as much rehearsal as you might think. Matt Smith is an excellent player and signed at youth level with Northampton Town, Nottingham Forest and Leicester City. He excelled at the game but injury prevented him from taking it up as a career. However, he remains nifty with a ball, as you can see on our video of the Doctor Who UK tour.

At the start of The Lodger, the TARDIS lands in Colchester, Essex. Colchester was Britain's first city and was of huge strategic and social importance to the island's Roman invaders. They established a fort at Colchester, and more significantly, a colony - a settlement, or large town for their military veterans. You can find out more about it on the BBC's History pages and read how hundreds of years ago, Colchester would have been teeming with Roman soldiers...