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How to keep clean, be eco-friendly AND save yourself cash

18 June 2019

Like many of us, The Social contributor Cameron has been examining how his lifestyle impacts on the environment. He was troubled when he discovered the amount of chemicals his laundry detergents contained.

In a bid to curb his use of these chemicals, he made a change that would be eco-friendly and kinder on his pocket: he began to make his own laundry powder.

“I was a wee bit dubious at first,” admitted Cameron. “Especially when I was putting vinegar into my washing machine! But I’m so happy with the results!”

Washing Your Clothes With A Non-Toxic Cleaner!

Would you use a bit of vinegar to wash your clothes?

Cameron hasn’t had any problems with his washing machine since using this approach but you should check your machine’s user guide before trying.

Cameron’s laundry powder recipe

Soda crystals
Bicarbonate of soda
Plain, unscented soap
Essential oil (optional)

Grate the soap as finely as possible.
In a large mixing bowl add half a cup of the grated soap, two cups of soda crystals, one cup of salt, one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and five drops of essential oil.

Stir together.

Add two tablespoons of the mixture to each washing machine load, and half a cup of vinegar for added softness and to remove excess soap.

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