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A simple meditation technique to soothe a troubled mind

Buddhist nun, Kelsang Machig, guides us through a short meditation.

We are living through an extraordinary time and consequent concerns about family, health and jobs are causing many to feel deeply anxious.

Finding peace of mind during these difficult days may seem impossible, but Buddhist nun and meditation teacher, Kelsang Machig, believes she can help.

On BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday Mornings she advised that through meditation we can try to catch stressful feelings before they escalate and become more difficult to handle.

Kelsang explained: “The time to do this is when we begin to feel the stress arising. We want to grab a minute or two to watch our mind. So instead of moving towards an anxious mind we’re moving toward a peaceful mind.”

Listen to Kelsang's easy meditation technique

Soothe a troubled mind

Buddhist Nun Kelsang Machig guides us through a short meditation.

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