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Get involved and learn the dance the whole nation is talking about.

Learn the dance

How To Do The Strictly - Dance Tutorial

Learn the 8 simple steps of Strictly Come Dancing’s new signature routine,The Strictly.

Perform the full dance

Do The Strictly To The Full Theme Tune!

Perfect your moves to the official Strictly theme tune with step cues along the way!

Watch celebs and fans #DoTheStrictly

The Strictly Judges do 'The Strictly'

GB Rowing Team stick their oar in as they Do The Strictly

"The strictly" is really taking off!

Do The Shrek-ly!! We're green with envy

Hacker the Dog does The Strictly

Doctors get their heart rate up by Doing The Strictly!

It's a Strictly act as these Sisters Do The Strictly!

Break a leg! Nurses at Evelina Children's Hospital 'Do The Strictly'

Learn how to 'Do The Strictly' gif by gif! 1. Samba Point

2. The Charleston

3. Samba Point

4. Shimmy

5. Lasso

6. Samba Bounce

7. Russell Grant

8. Anton Flirt

9. Judy Murray

10. The Claudia

11. Or The Tess

12. Or The Brucie