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About Series 2

Series Overview:

In Series One, the main threat to Mitchell, George and Annie was supernatural in the form of Herrick and his plans for vampire world domination. In Series Two, the threat is human in the form of the mysterious Professor Jaggat and the cold-hearted Kemp

Jaggat and Kemp are fundamentalist Christians who have discovered the existence of vampires, werewolves and ghosts - and are determined to destroy them or carry out brutal experiments upon them. They believe that vampires are the Devil incarnate and must be destroyed; that werewolves contain an evil gene that can be removed by violent scientific experiments; and that ghosts must be forced over to the other side whether they like it or not.

However, for much of the series Mitchell, George and Annie are unaware of the threat posed to them by Jaggat and Kemp - although the audience will be.

Episode 1:

Two strangers arrive in Bristol to torment Mitchell and George, who is struggling to deal with his murder of Herrick. Nina is wrestling with troubles of her own, while Annie decides to get a job in the real world.

Episode 2:

Annie thinks she has met the man of her dreams, Saul. But something terrible in Saul's past is about to begin haunting him. Mitchell is visited by an old friend in trouble, while George and Nina's relationship is under increasing strain.

Episode 3:

With the vampires in chaos, Mitchell is forced to impose order, a task that proves incompatible with his love life. Meanwhile, George, reeling from Nina's departure, takes his mind off things by helping Annie in her mission to play Cupid.

Episode 4:

George gets a new job, a new girlfriend, and even a cage to transform in. But he soon realises that containing the werewolf isn't as easy as he had hoped. Meanwhile, Annie meets an enigmatic ghost who offers to help her keep death at bay. Mitchell's attempts to control the vampires leads him further into darkness.

Episode 5:

1969: Mitchell meets a woman who will change his life. Back in the present, he's starting to think Lucy might have the same effect. Meanwhile, George's relationship with Sam continues apace and Annie has a shock when she's left looking after a 'ghost' baby.

Episode 6:

A fraudulent 'psychic' is helped by Annie, who discovers more about herself than she bargained for. Meanwhile, Lucy's reaction to sleeping with Mitchell has some shocking repercussions. Sam puts George on the spot.

Episode 7:

Mitchell swears revenge when he discovers the truth about Lucy and the vampire massacre. Meanwhile, Nina returns presenting George with the most difficult decision of his life. Kemp offers to help Annie pass over.

Will Mitchell save his friends from Jaggat's macabre experiments? And as Mitchell's heart blackens with rage and vengeance will his friends be able to save him from himself?