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Get spotting!

Seabirds are in decline and you can help.

The citizen science web portal known as Zooniverse has launched a new project, inviting you to take part via their website.

By making scientific data sets available online, it's opening up the world of science to the public in a way that invites you to easily get involved and make a real difference.

"Fisheries, pollution, invasive predators, habitat destruction and human disturbance have all had significant impacts on seabird populations, making them the most threatened group of birds globally".

A new project, Seabirdwatch consists of a number of camera trap sites which have been placed around the north Atlantic and these cameras have snapped thousands of images of kittiwakes and guillemots. This simple project invites you at home, to head to the website and after a quick tutorial, identify and click on images of birds and their chicks.

Us humans are very good at this, better than computers and when we work together, we can process vast numbers of images in record times.

Did you know...? The Stargazing Live audience provided 2 million classifications of images of space in just 3 days! They even discovered a new 4-planet system! Can the Autumnwatch audience beat that?

By analysing thousands of images of seabird colonies both on UK coasts and further afield, we can start to understand more about breeding success, chick survival, timing of breeding and more...

Our collective results will be visualised at the end of Autumnwatch 2017. If you enjoyed Seabirdwatch, there are plenty of other nature related projects you can take part in. A word of warning - it's addictive stuff!

A kittiwake nest

Image by Alec, via our Flickr group