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Two Minute Masterpiece initiative

Terms and Conditions

1. Two Minute Masterpiece is a talent search for new female filmmakers (‘the Search’) which is organised by the British Broadcasting Corporation (‘the BBC’).

2. In consideration of the BBC agreeing to assess submissions to the campaign, you by entering license the BBC and those authorised by it the exclusive right to use a submission for communication to the public (which includes broadcasting and internet use) and all other rights for the purposes of the Talent Search only. This licence shall subsist until you are unsuccessful, or in the case of successful submissions until either the end of the Search or until the conclusion of any good faith continuing discussions with the BBC concerning future of the submission if later.

3. You consent to being filmed and recorded by the BBC where required for the Search and for films or recordings made pursuant to this rule being used for all purposes of the Search.

4. The BBC reserves the right to refuse any submission for any reason at its absolute discretion.

5. The decisions of the Two Minute Masterpiece production team and BBC Northern Ireland’s The Arts Show team are final. Neither correspondence nor discussion concerning any decision shall be entered into.

6. The Search is limited to one submission per person. If entering the Search you should submit an email to The Arts Show email address with the details set out on the Enter Now page on The Arts Show website. By submitting the email you agree to a member of the production team contacting you by email to obtain a copy of your CV and a copy of your show reel if applicable.

7. You permit the BBC to edit or change submissions in any way it may in its sole discretion consider necessary for the purposes of use in the Search.

8. You, by entering, waive in favour of the BBC and those authorised by it any so-called “moral rights” you may have in relation to an entry which waiver shall subsist either for the period of the Search or until you are unsuccessful (if sooner).

9. The description of the process in any Search literature or other medium is not binding and may be varied by the BBC and the BBC shall not be obliged to shortlist any submission if it considers it inappropriate to do so or if submissions do not reach the required standard.

10. You must be female or self-identify as female. If you have previously been awarded a production fund by the BBC or directed a film for the BBC you are ineligible.

11. You must be a resident of the United Kingdom and registered to work in the United Kingdom to participate in the Search. As this is a BBC Northern Ireland programme we want ideas from female film makers based in Northern Ireland.

12. Submissions will be shortlisted on the following criteria:-

a) How well the submission responds to the editorial brief, as set out on The Arts Show webpage.
b) The stage of development of the idea and how practically it could be realised.
c) Your ability to meet a realistic/given budget.

13. Attendance by you at any meetings organised by the BBC for the purposes of the Search and travel to and from any such sessions are at your own risk and the BBC accepts no responsibility or liability in this regard.

14. The BBC reserves the right to seek and issue publicity on your behalf.

15. Acceptance of these rules is a condition of entry.

16. The BBC shall not be obliged to make use of any entry and shall not be liable for any loss of publicity or enhancement of reputation.

17. Submissions are made at your own expense and the BBC shall not be liable to reimburse any expenses incurred in making a submission.

18. Submissions must not contain defamatory or obscene material and any final production must comply with the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines and Credit Guidelines. It must be suitable for broadcast by the BBC, must be your own work and must not infringe on any other rights.

19. If selected for the second stage or subsequent stages of the Campaign, you may be asked to undertake not to accept any engagements of the kind being assessed by the Campaign for any United Kingdom broadcaster other than the BBC prior to the end of the Campaign without having first entered into good faith discussions with the BBC.

20. The BBC will endeavour to contact all entrants to let them know whether or not they have been selected to progress to the next stage. It cannot however accept any responsibility for any failure to make such contact.

21. In the event that the BBC wishes to use a contribution for broadcast, you will be offered Standard Industry or the BBC’s standard contract and terms appropriate to such contribution.

22. Submissions will be used only in connection with assessment of ideas and such material shall only be made available to those directly responsible for assessment of ideas or the management of particular Events. Unless otherwise stated the BBC shall not use such material for purposes other than those specified in these Rules without your prior agreement.

23. You agree that by providing the names of third parties such as cast, crew and others involved in your idea that those third parties have consented to you providing their personal data to the BBC and you warrant that they are aware that the BBC may use the personal data to identify them in association with the Campaign.

24. All submissions will be read by a member of the Two Minute Masterpiece production team. Up to 20 ideas will be initially shortlisted and read by a panel who will prepare a final shortlist of 10 candidates. Up to 10 shortlisted film makers will have a chance to pitch their idea to a panel of BBC NI production staff and industry professionals.

25. Up to 5 entrants may be commissioned to turn their idea into a short film with the help of an industry mentor and a specified programme budget (£2000).

26. The BBC reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Campaign or amend these terms and conditions where reasonably necessary. The BBC will notify you of any such cancellation, termination, modification, suspension or amendment via The Arts Show webpage.