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Draw Your Album: Gallant

Gallant is one of the hottest new R&B stars of 2016 and his single Bourbon is pure fire. It makes us go funny on our insides.

He stopped by Radio 1 as part of September's Live Lounge month, filled our studio with sad-face balloons and dropped the sexiest live session we've heard in quite some time.

And since there's nothing sexier than doodling on a notepad, as soon as Christopher Gallant was finished with his Live Lounge performance, we took him to one side and asked him to draw his debut album for us.

Here's what it looks like.

He wasn't thrilled at the challenge.

"This is my worst nightmare," he told us. "I just can't draw."

"I'm going to go Picasso on you," he said.

Which was fine by us.

But it started to look less like Picasso, more like something out of Paranormal Activity.

We'd like to get this one analysed, but we're a bit worried about what the experts would have to say Gallant's psyche.

This will haunt our dreams for weeks to come.

We don't feel sexy any more :(