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Tomato seed giveaway

All 4000 packets of blight-resistant tomato have now gone. Thousands of people applied online and if you were one of the lucky few to be successful, you should receive your free packet of seed within the next few days. If, however, you weren’t successful, there’s still time to buy some of the tomatoes on offer. Here’s a quick summary of the four vareties concerned.


Blight-tolerant cordon with good flavoured, standard-sized fruits. Can be grown outdoors and under glass.


Compact, blight-tolerant bush variety with a uniform trailing habit and baby, cherry-sized fruits. Perfect for growing in pots on the patio.


Blight-resistant bush variety with abundant, cherry-sized fruits. Excellent flavour and good for all types of containers, including hanging baskets.

2016 Experimental Tomato

Outdoor cordon with tasty fruit and exceptional resistance to blight. New for 2016 and as yet unnamed.