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Nine times Harry Styles was a better boyfriend than any real boyfriend

Flawless human being Harry Styles hit the town last night for the launch of the new issue of Another Man magazine. It has the best cover ever: Harry's perfect face.

Our love for Mr Styles is strong but even stronger after seeing Harry in his suit and new haircut. It's just a shame he forgot to invite us, but we're used to admiring from afar. He's the perfect fantasy boyfriend.

This not only reminded us how much we love Harry, but also that we have been in a happy relationship (in our minds) with Harry since 2010.

Here's some of our personal highlights from that relationship.

When Harry took us ice-skating and it definitely happened

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

That glove? Ours. And never washed since.

When he invited us to a party and was totally casual about it

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

Just a soda and lime please Harry.

When Harry got shy about his body when he took us to the beach

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

Free the nipple Harry, all of them. We don't mind how many you have.

When he was sad by a window but we knew he was just thinking about us

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

And we can totally borrow that shirt, right?

When his sweatshirt said everything about how we feel

Obsessed? Us? TOTALLY.

When he reminded us about looking after our eyesight

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

Did we mention we love smart guys?

When he went to the desert with loads of women (but we weren't jealous)

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

Because we're just so chill about things like that when we're in a relationship.

When he wrapped up warm for a long winter walk

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

That scarf is giving us serious shivers. It's not the weather, honest.

When Harry was tired so we just stayed in wearing dressing gowns

(Photo: One Direction / SYCO)

It's these moments with Harry that we appreciated the most.