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Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016

And the winner is… Jessie Reeves

This year, Radio 3 challenged amateur composers to create music for a modern version of a medieval English poem: Alleluia! A new work is come on hand. A team of judges including Judith Weir, Master of the Queen’s Music, and David Hill, Chief Conductor of the BBC Singers, whittled hundreds of entries down to a shortlist of six.

Congratulations to Jessie, whose winning carol will be broadcast on Radio 3 throughout the Christmas weekend.

Listen to all six shortlisted carols from the 2016 competition below.

1. Nicholas Hopton

Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016: Nicholas Hopton

Nicholas is one of six finalists in the Radio 3 Breakfast Carol Competition 2016.

2. Thomas Neal

Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016: Thomas Neal

Thomas is one of six finalists in the Radio 3 Breakfast Carol Competition 2016.

3. Clive Osgood

Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016: Clive Osgood

Clive is one of six finalists in the Radio 3 Breakfast Carol Competition 2016.

4. Ghislaine Reece-Trapp

Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016: Ghislaine Reece-Trapp

Ghislaine is one of six finalists in the Radio 3 Breakfast Carol Competition 2016.

5. Jessie Reeves

Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016: Jessie Reeves

Jessie is the winner of the Radio 3 Breakfast Carol Competition 2016.

6. Joy Williams

Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016: Joy Williams

Joy is one of six finalists in the Radio 3 Breakfast Carol Competition 2016.

Alleluia! A new work is come on hand

Alleluia! A new work is come on hand
Through might and grace of Goddes son
To save the lost of every land.
For now is free that erst was bound
We may well sing

Now is fulfilled the prophecy
Of David and of Jeremy
And also of Isaiah.
Sing we therefore both loud and high

Alleluia, this sweet song
Out of a green branch it sprung;
God send us the life that lasteth long.
Now joy and bliss be him among
That thus can sing

Be inspired by Samuel West's reading of this medieval English carol

Samuel West reads the text for the 2016 Radio 3 Carol Competition

1. In order to vote, you must be a UK resident (including Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) and not be a BBC employee, employee of any of its affiliates, close relative of any such employees or connected to the competition directly or through a close relative.

2. Votes can be made online by accessing from 08:55 on 15th December 2016 and must be received no later than 17:00 on 21st December 2016. Any votes received outside the voting window will not count.

3. Online voting requires you to log into the page with your BBC Account at . If you do not have a BBC account, you can register for one for free at . If you have any trouble registering or signing in, you can visit the help pages at .

4. The shortlist of carols comprises the finalists of the BBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol Competition 2016.

5. The winners will be publicly announced on the Breakfast Show on Thursday 22nd December 2016

6. No correspondence relating to the awards or the vote will be entered.

7. The winning Carol will be played out on Radio 3 over the Christmas weekend 2016.

8. There will be no prize for anyone taking part in the vote.

9. The BBC reserves the right to disqualify entries or suspend voting if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred or if it considers there has been any attempt to rig the voting. The BBC has the right to substitute an alternative selection method at its absolute discretion. For the purposes of investigating possible voting irregularities when voting on using BBC Account the BBC may use cookies, log IP addresses or analyse the information from your BBC Account. The BBC will not publish this information or provide it to anyone without permission, except where required for enforcement of these terms. For more information please see: BBC Privacy Policy, BBC Cookies Policy and BBC online Terms of Use.

10. If, for any reason, the online voting system fails, the vote may be suspended or a contingency plan may be actioned, including reverting to a panel.

11. The BBC reserves the right to change, cancel or suspend this vote at any time.

12. The BBC, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any telephone network or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any vote being lost or not properly registered or recorded.

13. This vote complies with the BBC's Code of Conduct for Competitions and Votes: BBC Code of Conduct for Voting

14. The BBC will use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy and Cookies Policy, which you can read on , and our Terms of Use (which you can read about on ). For example, we may use your personal data for the purpose of running the vote (including processing refunds or investigating possible voting irregularities) and for the purpose of personalising our services where you have shown interest in a particular show, including voting online ( ).

15. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

1. This competition is open to UK residents only (including UK residents in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). Overseas entries will not be considered. Entrants must be over the age of 16 at the closing date (1st November 2016). The competition is open to non-professional composers , and entrants must not have had a professional commission nor have had a composition commercially published or made available for sale on a third party website within the last 5 years up to November 1st 2016. The competition is not open to employees, or the close relatives of employees of the BBC or anyone else connected with the creation or administration of this competition.

2. Each valid entry must include: A completed entry form. Entry forms are available to download from
Two copies of a notated identical score of your piece: Entrants must use traditional music notation and scores should be presented on single-sided, A4 paper, unbound and in a clear plastic sleeve using as many sheets as necessary.
Two copies of a graphic score with instructions on how to perform the work presented on single-sided, A4 paper, unbound and in a clear plastic sleeve using as many sheets as necessary.
If the work is not notated, two audio CD copies or USB memory stick of a recording of the composition.

3. Entries will not be returned. Entrants should keep a copy for their own records.

4. Entrants should set the text for the competition to be found on the Radio 3 website for SATB choir either “a capella” or with piano accompaniment. The duration of the work should be no more than 4 minutes.

5. Only one entry per entrant will be accepted. If an entrant should submit more than one entry, only the first entry registered will be judged and any subsequent entries will be disregarded.

6. Entrants must warrant that their entries are original, entirely their own work and do not infringe copyright or other third party rights. The BBC reserves the right to contact entrants to verify this. Entries must not contain defamatory, obscene, violent or any other material that would deem the entry unsuitable for broadcast by the BBC. The BBC accepts no liability if entrants ignore these rules and entrants agree to fully indemnify the BBC against any claims by any third party arising from any breach of these rules.

7. The deadline for receipt of entries is Tuesday 1st November 2016. Complete entries must be submitted by standard post only to: BBC Radio 3 Carol Competition, Room 3015, Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA.

8. The judges will assess each valid entry in relation to the following criteria:
• Compositional idea
• Originality
• Creativity
• Suitability for choir
• Word setting
• Appropriate technical ability

9. Entries will undergo the following judging process:
• All entries will be verified by a member of BBC production staff to ensure that they are compliant with the terms and conditions of this competition. Any invalid entries will be removed from the judging process at this point.
• Each valid entry will be assessed using the criteria set out above by two Lead Producers of the BBC Singers and Radio 3.
Each will submit a shortlist of up to 20 entries to the final round of shortlisting by the judging panel.
• The final round of shortlisting will involve a panel of at least 5 judges. They will meet and consider the shortlisted entries. They will shortlist six entrants by agreement, based on the criteria outlined above. If the judging panel require any clarification in relation to an entry, the entrant will be contacted at this stage.

10. The BBC's decision in the selection of shortlisted entrants is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

11. The shortlisted entrants will then be contacted by the BBC production team by e-mail, telephone or post by 23rd November 2016. If, after reasonable attempts to contact a winner, the communication has not been acknowledged, the BBC reserves the right to replace them on the shortlist with another selected entrant.

12. The six shortlisted entries will be performed live by the BBC Singers on Radio 3’s Breakfast programme (subject to technical and operational circumstances) between 8.00 and 9.00am on Tuesday 15th December. Between 15-21st December, recordings of the carols will be played in Breakfast and In Tune, and trails including excerpts of the shortlisted entries will be broadcast across the station. The carols will be available to listen to on the Radio 3 website.

13. The audience will be directed to the Radio 3 website to vote on their favourite carol.

14. Voting will close on the evening of 21st December, and the winner with the highest number of votes will be announced in the Breakfast programme on 22nd December 2016.

15. The shortlisted entrants will be expected to take part in pre and post-competition publicity, if required.

16. The winning entrant will have their carol performed live on the Breakfast programme on 22nd December 2016 and a recording played across the day on Radio 3 on 25th December 2016.

17. The prize is as stated and cannot be deferred or transferred. There will be no cash alternatives.

18. Entrants supplying scores and those who receive commissions from the BBC agree to grant the BBC an exclusive licence to use such entries and commissions in all media for the purposes of the competition including without limitation transmission on radio and streaming on the internet and making copies or new recordings, if required. In connection with BBC's planned usage of the entries and commissions, entrants must ensure that works submitted are original.

19. The BBC will only ever use an Entrant’s personal details for the purposes of administering this competition and will keep them only for as long as is necessary to fulfil these purposes, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, will not publish them or provide them to anyone without permission. The names of the contestants, winners and commended entrants may be made public. Please see the BBC Privacy Policy.

20. Entrants must supply full details as required above and comply with all of the terms and conditions of this competition in order to be eligible for the prize. The BBC does not accept responsibility for ineligible, incomplete or fraudulent entries.

21. The BBC reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage.

22. Entrants are reminded that their participation in BBC competitions (including winning or receiving an award of high commendation) cannot be used in commercial advertising or promotions, to attract external funding, to lobby or campaign, or to attract donations.

23. The BBC does not accept responsibility for any technical failure, malfunction or any other problem with any server, internet access system, programme software, the postal service or otherwise which may result in any entry being lost, late or not properly registered or recorded. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.

24. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this competition. Entries that deviate from the terms and conditions of this competition will be disqualified.

25. The promoter of this competition is the British Broadcasting Corporation and these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

26. This competition accords with BBC’s Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting, details of which can be found in the BBC Competitions Policy.