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My Sound: Record yourself for Saturday Live

In every sound there’s a story, and we’d like to hear yours.

My Sound is a new regular feature on Saturday Live. It's a way for our listeners to tell their personal stories, using the sound of an object or a place as a starting point.

It could be the tick of a particular clock which reminds you of the day your grandmother gave you her watch to wear. It may be the sound of birdsong that helps you tell the story of the day your partner proposed.

These are your stories, and your sounds, recorded by you.

Here’s one we made earlier…

My Sound: The Forest

Recorded via smartphone by Vicki Kennedy and edited by the Saturday Live team.

This clip was recorded by Vicki Kennedy and edited by the Saturday Live team. We asked Vicki to tell her story in her own way and at her own pace, and we’d like to encourage you to do the same.

To take part you need a smartphone and a willingness to share your story on BBC Radio 4.

This is how to get involved:

1. Email with the words ‘My Sound’ in the subject field.
2. In the body of the email describe your sound and your story.
3. Wait for a member of the Saturday Live team to get in touch with further instructions.

Please do not go out and record something, or send us audio without following these steps first.