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In pictures: Willow and Maya

Maya is ten weeks old and is starting to push the family to their limits. Giles is invited to take her on BBC Breakfast. Giles also takes in a cheetah called Willow - at five months old she is recovering from an incident where she broke her paw.

Maya is nicknamed the Madam and has taken over the Clark household.
Giles takes in a nervous five month old cheetah cub, Willow.
Maya is an ambassador on BBC Breakfast.
Behind the scenes at BBC Breakfast, Maya is as at home on set as anywhere.
Willow soon works out there isn’t another cheetah hiding in the oven.
Maya is exploring every corner of the house.
Nowhere is off limits for Maya.
The bathroom isn’t getting away lightly either.
The first time Willow sits on Giles’s lap. Cheetahs stay in their family groups for years, so this interaction with Giles is fundamental for Willow.
Just adorable, Willow playing with her new favourite toy.
Giles has turned a corner today with Willow and she is super relaxed in his presence.
True to a jaguar, Maya loves the water.
Willow’s favourite spot. In the wild cheetahs would use elevated areas like termite mounds to keep a lookout for danger or to locate prey…
…Maya just likes to sit on Giles’s head
Giles is in Kenya where he donated GPS collars to fit to lions that are likely to run into conflict with humans.
Maya at five months old living happily at the sanctuary.