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Ten mysteries you'd like to get to the bottom of

What makes a wet dog smell?

What makes a wet dog smell?

Chemistry teacher Andy Brunning looks at where everyday smells come from

How to swat a fly

How killer flies have the fastest vision of any animal

Some flies see six times faster than us, catching prey in mid-air in less than a second

How to wash your hands like a nurse

How to wash your hands like a nurse

You’re probably washing your hands wrong. Hygiene expert Sally Bloomfield explains.

The trick that helps improve your memory

Can you master this memory trick?

Simon Reinhard reveals the technique he used to become a European memory champion

Why time slows down when we're scared to death

Why time slows down when we’re scared to death

How near-death experiences change our perception of time.

How your fingerprints became unique

What makes your fingerprints unique?

Alison Boulter from Hampshire Police explains the science behind our fingerprints

Why is there a 24-hour clock and a 60-second minute?

Five things you should know about time

Discover why clocks run clockwise and how day length has changed over time

Could we ever live on Mars?

Can We Ever Really Live on Mars?

Astronaut Dr Mae Jemison tells presenter Marnie Chesterton that we can colonise Mars.

Why dirt roads get rippled over time

Why do dirt roads become rippled over time?

Alice Williamson, lecturer at the University of Sydney, explains.

Why cuddling cows is a good idea

Cuddling cows: the health benefits

Is it a good idea to rub your face into the side of a cow?