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The Fourth Dimension

Asylum of the Daleks

The scene where the ‘reversed’ Dalek explodes was shot at Upper Boat. It was one of the final moments of Doctor Who to be captured at the studios which had been the show’s ‘home’ since the Tenth Doctor’s era.

Daleks in the ICU are survivors of ‘campaigns’ on Spiridon, Kembel, Aridius, Vulcan and Exxilon. These planets were visited by the Doctor in the following adventures: Planet of the Daleks, The Daleks’ Master Plan, The Chase, The Power of the Daleks and Death to the Daleks.

When we join Amy and Rory they are in the process of becoming divorced, a plot-line that begun in the mini-adventure, Pond Life.

The exterior, snowy scenes on the Asylum planet were shot in Spain whilst the team was abroad filming A Town Called Mercy.

The adventure was directed by Nick Hurran who previously helmed The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. He also directed episode 5 of the new series – The Angels Take Manhattan.

Another Skaro-based Dalek adventure premiered on 1 September, with episode one of the four-part Destiny of the Daleks airing on that date in 1979.

The opera Carmen was the final work of Georges Bizet, the French composer who was, incidentally, a huge influence on Giacomo Puccini whom the Eighth Doctor once mentioned meeting.

The episode’s writer, Steven Moffat, admitted that he’d been uncertain of how certain scenes would look with so many different types of Dalek together in one place. However, he later commented, ‘It actually looked rather exciting… Just as when you gather a bunch of people into a room they all look like people but they all look different, for the first time ever, the Daleks looked like a species as opposed to a range of robots… They were quite distinctly a life-form.’

Remembrance of the Daleks was the last Dalek adventure to kick off a new series, back in October, 1988. That story also saw the introduction of the Special Weapons Dalek which features in this episode… It’s visible as Rory wanders through the Asylum.

The last words spoken in the episode were also the last words spoken in The Wedding of River Song, another adventure written by Steven Moffat. They are: Doctor who?

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