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Terms and Conditions – Submitting your videos for AJ & Curtis #DanceForSportRelief , #MySportRelief and/or #SportReliefCredits

1. If you are under 18 then please get your parent or guardian's permission before sharing your video or full name (as applicable) on social media including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you submit a video, we will get in touch with you and ask you to provide your parent or guardian’s email address and phone number so that we can check with them that you have their consent to share your video. If there is a group of you in the video then we will need to contact a parent or guardian for each person in the video. For the show credits, you must be 18 or over to send your name in.

2. If you want to tell us about yourself in your video, please only include your first name and the town that you live in. If you include any more personal information than this then unfortunately we may not be able to use your video.

3. Please film your videos in landscape on your phone or other recording device so that we can use them on television.

4. A selection of the videos submitted may be featured on BBC Sport Relief, BBC’s social media accounts or the BBC website. A selection of names may be selected at random to feature in the switch over show credits. No correspondence will be entered into in respect of either contribution.

5. No obscene, indecent or in any other way offensive content will be considered.

6. By sharing any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio) with the BBC using the hashtags #DanceForSportRelief and/or #MySportRelief and/or #SportReliefCredits you agree to grant to the BBC, free of charge, permission to use the material in any way it wants (including modifying and adapting it for operational and editorial reasons) for BBC services in any media worldwide (including on the BBC's site accessed by international users).

7. Copyright in your contribution will remain with you and this permission is not exclusive, so you can continue to use the material in any way including allowing others to use it.

8. In order that the BBC can use your contribution, you confirm that your contribution is your own original work, is not defamatory and does not infringe any copyright or UK laws, that you have the right to give the BBC permission to use it for the purposes specified above, and that you have the consent of anyone who is identifiable in your contribution or the consent of their parent / guardian if they are under 18.

9. For the videos, we sometimes show your first name with your contribution, unless you request otherwise, but for operational reasons this is not always possible. The BBC may need to contact you for administrative or verification purposes in relation to your contribution, or in relation to particular projects. The details you send us will not be used for anything other than this promotion. For full details on how we may contact you or handle your data please see the BBC's Privacy Policy.

10. Please do not endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or break any laws when creating content you may share with the BBC.

11. If you do not want to grant the BBC the permission set out above on these terms, please do not send us your video or submit your full name.

12. If you have any questions about contributing content to the BBC, please see our FAQs

Privacy Statement

BBC Sport Relief is produced by BBC Studios. We are responsible for handling personal data you provide, including your contribution, in accordance with data protection law.

We have a legitimate interest in using your contribution and associated personal data, such as your name and location, for journalistic, artistic and literary purposes. We intend to keep your contribution in perpetuity. If your contribution is not used, we will delete your personal data after broadcast of the programme.

We will ask you to provide us with the contact details of the parent/guardian of anyone under 18 that appears in your contribution (including you). This will enable us to verify with the relevant parent/guardian that they consent to their child’s personal data being given to us. We will use their contact details for this purpose only.

For more information about how BBC Studios uses your personal data and to find out about your rights, visit