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The full VR/360-degree experience

Quake is a thrilling pioneering drama series set after a severe earthquake, and inspired by the remarkable digital revolution in global humanitarian efforts. With the creation of mobile internet, the world has found a new digital nervous system which enables thousands of ordinary people to help save lives.

Trapped Man - the gripping first part in the series - can be viewed in a 3D/360-degree immersive experience or in a 2D animation.

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You may need to download the YouTube app on a smartphone or tablet device to experience this film.

Safety Information

Experience involves being trapped in a collapsed building – please be aware of this if you are anxious about being trapped in a confined space.

You should also consult the manufacturers own instructions for using any headsets/equipment.

Stay seated whilst viewing. Detailed safety information for viewing VR/360 videos can be found here.

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Technical requirements

  • Modern mobile or desktop browser
  • (Optional) YouTube mobile app
  • (Optional) Google Cardboard
  • (Optional) Headphones (recommended for the best experience)

How to watch BBC Click in 360-degree video


Rafi..... David KS Tse
Fabio..... Cesare Taurasi
Nabila..... Eugenia Low
Sound Design..... Steve Brooke & Sharon Hughes
Illustrator..... Dai Owen
VR Creative Direction..... Steve Bell & John Durrant
VR Producer..... Dan Elston
VR Production..... BDH Immersive
Writer..... Glyn Maxwell
Director and Producer..... Sharon Sephton

Trapped Man VR/360-degree video experience is supported by The European Broadcasting Union. Quake was one of the first projects chosen to receive a Euroradio Innovation Fund Grant.

Quake from BBC Radio 4