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Summer Peach Dumplings

Served with Honeyed Crème Fraiche or Warm toffee custard

Ideal for Summer Entertaining

These are simple parcels that taste of Summer, sweet perfumed peaches baked in a spicy sugar. Good to serve either hot or cold and ideal for Summer entertaining as they can be made by using bought flaky or puffed pastry.


450 gms. (1lb.) puffed/flaky pastry
1 egg lightly beaten
4 flat peaches
50 gms (2 oz) of soft brown sugar
25 gms. (1 oz) of butter
Pinch of cinnamon or mixed spice

For Sauce

Honeyed crème fraiche – 125 mls mixed with 2 dsp. of honey
Warm toffee custard – 250 mls. of cooked custard mixed with 50 gms. of butter, 50 gms. caster sugar, cooked together for 2 minutes until toffee like.


If using ready-made pastry, defrost, then roll and cut into 4 even rectangles.
Brush with beaten egg, remove the stones from the peaches, place one on top of each pastry square, and dust with, sugar, spice & butter. Bring the corners of the pastry together and seal well with beaten egg. Pinch the pastry to secure, brush with the remainder of the egg to glaze. Bake in the oven on a baking sheet 200 degrees C (gas No. 6) for 25 – 30 mins until puffed up golden and cooked.
Serve with a choice of sauce.