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Meet Bejay Mulenga

Meet Bejay who is also an entrepreneur! Find out more about him by watching this video.

You’re a natural born leader with good decision making skills.

You take charge of situations and gain respect quickly.

You have good self-confidence and aren't afraid to be direct when the time is right.

Who is Bejay?

Bejay Mulenga founded Supa Tuck, an enterprise programme teaching students how to run and operate their own tuck shops in school. Over three years they had reached over 5,000 young people, which led to the Supa Tuck social enterprise being featured in Lord Young’s ‘Enterprise For All’ report, June 2014. He had raised £35,000 from his local borough aged 13 to rebuild derelict rehearsal rooms and studio space for his youth club.

Supa Academy is an experiential training company for 16 - 25 year olds, to get fast tracked and skilled up for the world of work and business with clients such as Facebook, Barclays, River Island and EE - His just recently won an award from Her Majesty the Queen for Enterprise Promotion. One of only 5 recipients of the award in 2016

The best advice Bejay has ever been given: Don't spend time romanticising over ideas, get into the strict habit of DOING. This is the key to getting things done and excelling in your dreams. Talent will only get you so far, hard work always pays off.

Who created the films?

To create our 10 films we worked with 5 new creators, all of who use digital skills in their creative work. Alex made the films with Bejay and Brandon and Tom.

Alex Odam is a London based Director of Photography, Editor & Designer. He mostly shoots and edits short films, documentaries & music videos. He collaborates with the uk's top content creators, and has worked with clients including Google, Channel 4 & The BBC

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