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The greatest 9 moments of Sia's career

STOP EVERYTHING. Sia has released a new single and it is, quite frankly, a bit of a masterpiece.

The Greatest is the first song from her new album We Are Your Children and it is everything you want from a Sia single while at the same time sounding nothing like her recent releases.

The DJ Snake-esque wobble in the middle of the chorus makes us weak at the knees.

Listen here.

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And since Sia brought up the subject of being 'the greatest', here are 9 of Sia's greatest, career-defining moments than turned this reclusive star into a global pop icon.

That time she was on Home and Away

Credit: Home And Away

We dread to think how much it costs to book Sia to sing at a wedding now, but back in the day, she was available for all sorts of occasions.

She sung a track called How to Breathe in 1997 on the beach as characters Travis and Rebecca got married. It wasn't quite Chandelier but it was a sweet little tune.

That time she made the world pay attention to her music by turning her back on everyone

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The back of Sia's head is the most recognisable in the pop world.

That time she was amazing on Carpool karaoke

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Sia was one of the few guests James Corden couldn't try to out-sing.

That time she made festival security dance

This is one of the best things we've seen on the internet in 2016.

The time she wrote her first worldwide smash for someone else

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Diamonds was Sia's first big hit, written for another artist. And what a hit. It made her a star behind the scenes.

Every time she posted about dogs on social media

You won't see #DownloadTheGreatestOniTunes on Sia's social media. She's far too busy urging people to be nice to dogs.

That time she made Greg James fangirl a bit on Radio 1

"I just farted it out" - Greg James talks to Sia about her return to pop

Greg James gave Sia a call to chat about returning to pop, high notes and homegirls.

When Greg interviewed Sia, he spent several minutes telling her how big a fan he is before asking any questions. #smitten

He also made this.

That time her 'last record' as an artist became one of the biggest pop hits, ever

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Sia was never meant to sing Titanium. Her vocals were only ever meant to be a demo. Mary J Blige was meant to sing the final version and Sia was ready to quit her pop career before the song changed her life and David Guetta's.

That time she was too busy to party with Flo Rida in his Wild Ones video

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If there's one man guaranteed to show you a good time, it's Flo Rida. Sia was nowhere to be seen in their Wild Ones video. She was far too busy maintaining her air of mystery and writing massive hit singles for everyone.

The Greatest is out now.