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7: ¡Ay! ¿Qué me pongo?

Oh dear! What shall I wear?

Quique needs new clothes to wear so Sofía takes him and Charlie to Madrid's most famous shopping street, the Gran Via. Sofía tells a story about packing for a camping trip and we hear a song about having nothing to wear! The key vocabulary includes items of clothing and key grammar points include the use of definite and indefinite articles.

Clip 25: La Gran Via

The Gran Via

Quique needs new clothes so Sofía takes him and Charlie to a department store on the Gran Via, the main shopping street in Madrid. He tries on trousers, shirts and trainers in various colours.

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Clip 26: Cuento - ¡Hecemos las maletas!

Story - Let's get packing!

Naiara is packing for a school camping trip. She makes a list and begins to prepare her bag, but her little brother is keen to 'help'. When Naiara opens her bag at camp she finds a book about dinosaurs and odd socks.

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Themes, Vocab and Grammar

Themes and vocabulary Grammar and pronunciation
clothes masculine / feminine nouns with clothing
toiletries singular / plural with clothing items
llevo (I wear) definite / indefinite articles
¿me queda bien? (Does it suit me?) adjectival agreement with plural nouns

Clip 27: El Rastro

El Rastro

Quique, Charlie and Sofía go to Madrid's famous flea market El Rastro. Sofía tells Charlie that all nouns are either masculine or feminine in Spanish and that consequently there are four ways to say the - el, la, los, las.

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Key vocabulary 1

Spanish English
botas ( boots
chandal (m) tracksuit
gorra (f) cap
maleta (f) suitcase
pantalones cortos ( shorts
pijama (m) pyjamas
ropa interior (f) underwear

Clip 28: Canción - ¡Ay! ¿Qué me pongo?

Song - Oh dear! What shall I wear?

Somebody is looking in their wardrobe for something to wear.

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Key vocabulary 2

Spanish English
combina bien con... it goes well with...
cómodo comfortable
me quedan cortos they are too short for me
talla (f) size
gran almacén department store
mercardo (m) market
supermercado (m) supermarket