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6: ¡Masterchef!


Charlie and Quique go to the market with Sofía to buy ingredients for a paella. Teresa tells a story about Sergio - an easily-distracted boy who goes shopping for his father - and Uncle Manu sings about his favourite foods. Key vocabulary focuses on food and shopping and using the construction me gustaría ('I like') as well as information about the Arabic origins of some Spanish words.

Clip 21: El mercado

The market

Teresa is coming for lunch so Quique, Charlie and Sofía go to the market to buy food for lunch. They visit the fruit stall, the vegetable stall, the butcher's, the fish stall and the baker's. Charlie sees an artichoke for the first time!

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Clip 22: Cuento - ¡Ay no, Sergio!

Story: Oh no, Sergio!

Sergio's grandparents are coming for dinner and Dad asks him to go to the shop. Sergio is a willing but easily-distracted boy and gets Dad's list mixed up. They have apple cake for dinner!

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Themes, Vocab and Grammar

Themes and vocabulary Grammar and pronunciation
opinions opinions, including me gustaría (I would like to)
prices onomatopoeia - ¡puaj! (yuck!) and ¡ñam ñam! (yum, yum!)
sequencing Spanish words with Arabic origins - eg alcalde (mayor) and almirante (admiral)
conjunctions -

Clip 23: En la cocina

In the kitchen

Quique, Charlie and Sofía are preparing lunch. They talk about the foods they like and Charlie learns to use the phrases me gusta/me gustan/prefiero. Sofía talks about Spanish words that come from Arabic.

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Key vocabulary 1

Spanish English
azúcar (m) sugar
barra de pan (f) loaf of bread
café (m) coffee
huevo (m) egg
sal (m) salt
ternera (f) veal
tocino (m) bacon

Clip 24: Canción - ¡Ñam ñam!

Song: Yum, yum!

Uncle Manu sings about all the foods he loves.

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Key vocabulary 2

Spanish English
finalmente finally
luego then
no me gusta(n) nada I don’t like it at all
prefiero I prefer
primero first (of all)
rico tasty
¡puaj! yuck!