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Chargrilled Courgette, Pecorino and Honey

Florence Knight Cooks the Perfect Warm Salad

Perfect for summer, Florence Knight demonstrates the art of Venetian 'Chicheti' or tapas with this warm salad of chargrilled courgette, salty pecorino cheese and sweet honey.

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Makes two small plates

3 small courgettes

A pinch of salt

Extra virgin olive oil

30g aged Pecorino Romano

Runny honey

Preparation Method

Place a griddle pan on a high heat.

While it heats up, slice the courgettes on an angle into medium-large chunks. Put them in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and a drop of olive oil and run your hands through to coat them lightly.

Lay them in the hot pan and don't be tempted to move them until they have black char lines. Turn them over and cook for another couple of minutes to chargrill the other side.

Using a peeler, shave the Pecorino into a bowl, tip in the courgettes straight from the griddle and mix well.

Season to taste with salt.

Lavishly trickle over a small drizzle of honey to coat the courgettes lightly while they are still warm, in order to intensify the flavours and bind everything together.

Serve on small plates and eat while still slightly warm.