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The Power of Three

One of The Power of Three’s working titles was Cubed and the episode’s read-through took place at Roath Lock, Cardiff on Friday, 27th April, 2012.

Artron energy – used by Kate to track the Doctor - has been mentioned as far back as the Fourth Doctor story, The Deadly Assassin. Its exact nature remains unclear, but it appears to be a form of energy with a physical connection to the process and actuality of time travel. It’s also been referenced in several other adventures including The Doctor’s Wife and Dalek.

Although it’s not stated explicitly, Kate Stewart (formerly Kate Lethbridge-Stewart) is the daughter of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, previously one of UNIT’s top men and a close friend of the Doctor. The Time Lord was saddened to hear of his old comrade’s death in The Wedding of River Song.

UNIT debuted over forty years ago in the Second Doctor adventure, The Invasion. UNIT now stands for ‘Unified Intelligence Taskforce’ and the Eleventh Doctor last encountered them onscreen in Death of the Doctor, from series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

One of the UNIT soldiers uses the call sign ‘Trap One’. This has been used in several previous UNIT stories and was originally a designation for the organisation’s centre of operations with forces in the field sometimes referred to as ‘Trap Two’.

This isn’t the first time Zygons have crossed the path of the Eleventh Doctor. They were amongst the aliens converging on him in The Pandorica Opens.

The Savoy Hotel is located on the Strand in central London. It opened in 1889 and the ‘Auguste’ the Doctor meets could be the legendary chef Auguste Escoffier who worked at the hotel during its early days. Check out some of his recipes...

Amy, Rory and the Doctor have an unfortunate encounter with Henry VIII at one point. It’s possible they were popping back to get Rory’s phone charger. The Doctor mentions he left in in the king’s ‘en suite’ in A Town Called Mercy.

Selva Rasalingam who plays Ranjit is no stranger to the Doctor’s world. He previously appeared in Fragments, an episode of Torchwood that was also written by Chris Chibnall.

The episode includes cameos from Lord Sugar and Brian Cox who both said they were fans of the show... Alan Sugar’s scene also features Karren Brady and Nick Hewer who regularly appear alongside him on The Apprentice.

Amy references modern artists Banksy and Damien Hurst and the Doctor mentions Fred Perry, recalling that the famous tennis player would probably want his shorts back...

When the Doctor tells Brian that very few of his companions died he was being truthful – the vast majority of his travelling companions have survived their adventures in space and time. Exceptions include Sara Kingdom and Katarina who both perished in The Daleks' Master Plan and Adric who was a victim of the Cybermen in Earthshock.

The Power of Three includes a historic moment in Doctor Who. The scene at the end where the Doctor, Amy and Rory bid farewell to Brian and enter the TARDIS was the last scene ever shot featuring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill together.

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