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This is not a fairytale

by Maia Roberts, aged 12

This Is Not a Fairytale

Read by Jessica Turner from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

Let's just get something straight. This is not a fairy tale! It will not end on a happily ever after. You've been warned! These events took place 34 minutes and 21 seconds ago. I will explain these events the best I can. So here goes.

It was late. A bright round, new moon floated in the midnight black sky . A young girl was walking home alone. But was she really alone? A dark mysterious figure crept up behind her.

The abandoned street was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. As they passed under the street lights, I was able to get a glance at the shadowy figures. The girl had long blonde hair. She was beautiful, so pretty she was unreal. Her pursuer was a middle aged man. Untidy brown hair protruded from under a black flat cap.

He hung back as they walked up the street, seeming to melt into the shadows when the girl suddenly turned around and stared down the street. The man froze. After a long pause she entered the alley. I raced to the other side of my room and peered down into the alleyway. The girl was facing the wall silently. The man crept up behind her. Getting closer, closer, closer until he stood right behind her. I wanted to scream. To warn her, to do something. I pulled open my window, as I did he put his arm on her shoulder

“ I've got you!” He said.

“That's my line!” the girl replied.

Quick as a fox she swivelled round. An evil grin revealed her pointed sharp teeth. She sank her fangs into his pale neck, he twitched and shook uncontrollably as she sucked out every drop of his blood. His screams echoed in my ears until he collapsed onto the floor. Dead. She wiped the blood of her mouth with the back of her hand and grinned devilishly.

Horrified, I clutched my chest and forced myself to breath. Just to check I’m not dreaming I pinch myself. Nothing happens. I realize I am living this nightmare. I ducked hoping she had not seen me. I sat back up, my heart pounding. I looked out the window. She was gone. Where did she go?

I sprint and grab my phone and call the police. Then I bolt all the doors and windows, then wait. Soon there's a knock on my door I open it up a crack. Outside stands a policeman, I sigh in relief. “Come with me. I'll keep you safe.” the officer says calmly. I open the door and follow him to his car. Safe at last. As I get in the doors lock with a thud. As I sit in the back of the car a black cap catches my eye. Where have I seen that before ?

“Thought I hadn’t noticed you?” said the policeman, in a young girls voice, as my blood froze in my veins. 34 minutes, 22 seconds.

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