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Pass the Pasty - Follow the journey

This week, Greg James is on a mission: to get a Cornish pasty into the hands of someone who's never tried one before.

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James listener Sarah last week revealed that she hasn't tried a pasty.

She's never experienced the starch-filled joy of munching on the famous Cornish delicacy.

Sarah lives in Aberdeenshire – about as far away in the UK as you could possibly be from Cornwall. But Greg is determined to direct a pasty to Scotland by the end of the week.

With the help of Radio 1 listeners, it's being passed like an olympic torch to the top of the country.

Greg James introduces #PassthePasty

#PassthePasty - a brief explainer

Why is this happening?

Because everyone deserves to try a Cornish pasty, obviously.

What standard of Cornish pasty are we talking about?

The very finest, baked in the world famous Chough Bakery in Cornwall and preserved in a transparent Radio 1 box. As traditional as it gets.

How can I follow the pasty's journey?

Head to every day until 5pm to watch progress of a pasty (very) slowly embarking on its bold journey.

Listen to Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James every morning from 6.30am Mon-Thurs, and throughout the rest of the day for regular updates.

Or follow the #PassthePasty hashtag on Twitter!