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Free the Word: Mardy

28 September 2017

Mardy by Toby Campion

BBC Radio Leicester

Mardy by Toby Campion

Def: Spoilt; sulky; moody. Suggested by listeners to BBC Radio Leicester,

You know face like thunder, eyes rolling like rainclouds, turn the whole room grey when you walk in type thing.

def | Sulky; moody.

The term mardy, meaning sulky, moody, is one that most people in the south of England will be unfamiliar with. However, it is ubiquitous in the midlands and north of England... In the 20th century it evolved to cover anyone who was perceived to be acting like a spoilt or overindulged child. Mardy was also used to form new nouns such as mardy-bum (which may be familiar as the title of an Arctic Monkeys song) and mardy-arse.

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