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Loneliness Week 2017

Radio 2 highlights issues around loneliness from Sunday 9 to Friday 14 July 2017.

Starting on Sunday 9th July, Clare Balding launches the season on Good Morning Sunday, as she talks to Hasina Zaman who works with the bereaved, helping them to cope with isolation and loneliness.

Continuing on Monday, join Jeremy Vine for a week-long exploration of loneliness - including topics such as loneliness of being a single parent and the loss of a partner or loved one.

Your Stories

Anneka Rice present stories of how people have overcome feelings and bouts of loneliness.

What happens when carers get lonely? We find out as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week.

Daphne had to give up her job and studies to care for her husband.

Loneliness and family break-ups - as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week

Jane tells us how a split in the family meant she's lost contact with her granddaughter.

Ben talks about loneliness in student life as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week

Ben came through his loneliness and now supports other people who are lonely or isolated.

What is it like to lose a parent as a teenager? Steve gives an insight as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week

Steve - whose mum passed away when he was 15 - talks about the help he found to cope.

Friendship in the Men’s Shed; why a shed can be man's best friend - as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week

Once retired, Walter joined the Men's Shed movement and found himself pimping his ukulele.

Till Death Us Do Part? Coping with loneliness after losing a partner - as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week

After her husband died, Melanie became lonely and isolated - but made some positive steps.

Friendship – and contact – through sport, Krysia explains all as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week

Krysia talks about how walking rugby helps her with the loneliness in her life.

Raising chickens to find friendship - Pat and Doreen discuss as part of Radio 2's Loneliness Week

HenPower brought Pat and Doreen together when they started raising chickens.

Loneliness Week on Radio 2

iWonder: Take the test: Am I lonelier than I think?

Loneliness is a silent epidemic that seems to be growing amongst many British adults.

Take iWonder's 'Am I lonelier than I think?' quiz to find out just that.

Loneliness Week: Information and Support

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