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Introducing Terrific Scientific

Teaching resources to inspire primary school pupils to discover their inner scientist.

Terrific Scientific is a series of engaging and inclusive investigations that aim to empower teachers to deliver inspiring science lessons. Our curriculum-linked resources are carefully designed to help pupils at Key Stage 2/level 2 find their inner scientist, see that science is all around them, and discover why science is truly terrific and for them.

During 2017/2018, schools across the UK undertook 10 mass-participation science investigations, most linked to ‘real’ research being undertaken by universities. All these investigations have now been revised so they can be used by teachers at any time to fit with their teaching schedules. Designed in partnership with leading universities and primary science consultants, these fun investigations have low barrier to entry, meet curriculum requirements and enable pupils to get hands-on with science.

As well as guiding you step-by-step through our investigations, our website is packed with lesson plans and ideas. We have also created an interactive map of the UK, which visualises the results of every school which took part in the original investigations. Although you can no longer upload your results to the map, it remains useful resource for you and your class to compare your findings with other schools across the UK.

Coming soon: 3 brand new investigations will be added in autumn 2018!

Find out more about Terrific Scientific

Terrific Scientific has been designed for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils in England and Wales; Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils in Scotland; and P6 and P7 pupils in Northern Ireland. We have also adapted some of our resources to be used in SEND environments. For fun, practical activities to try at home or in the classroom, we also have our Terrific Scientific DIY collection.

Working with teachers, pupils and partners we've developed:

  • An exciting series of practical classroom investigations linked to the curriculum, so teachers can use each one as a stand-alone science project, or as part of a bigger topic.
  • Introductory films, which introduce the topic area, fronted by well-known talent relevant to the age-group.
  • ‘How to…’ films which demonstrate step-by-step how to carry out each investigation.
  • Downloadable detailed teacher resource (including curriculum links) and student worksheets.
  • Simple two page lesson plans so you can dive straight in.
  • Tailored BBC Live Lessons (interactive webcasts that use innovative activities and expert speakers).
  • Support from big name BBC shows and on screen talent to help ignite your pupils’ interest in science.

There is no need to register, all resources are available for free on our website. However, for the latest news and resources do make sure you have signed up for the BBC Teach newsletter!

You can email us at or on social media via #TerrificScientific and @BBC_Teach.

There is no cost for any of the Terrific Scientific resources. For details of how the BBC is funded, please see this link:

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