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The Fourth Dimension

The Parting of the Ways

Regeneration Game

In an attempt to disguise the fact that the episode would end on a regeneration, An alternate ending was written and filmed. This would then be shown to the press. The alternate ending would have revealed that the TARDIS had scanned Rose, with viewers would have seen the result - "LIFEFORM DYING" - on the console's monitor. The earlier than planned announcement of Christopher Eccleston's departure meant that the plan was not pursued.

Main Monsters

The Daleks are currently the only monsters to have featured in a story with every TV Doctor. Although they do not appear onscreen in Paul McGann's only adventure, The TV Movie, they are heard at the start of the episode and have faced him in several audio adventures.

Oncoming Storm

The Doctor is referred to as The Oncoming Storm by the Daleks, a title that first appeared in Paul Cornell's novel Love And War. In that instance it was used by another alien race, the Draconians.


Dalek Emperors have previously seen in The Evil Of The Daleks (1967) and Remembrance Of The Daleks (1988). The latter was eventually revealed to be Dalek creator Davros.

Bullet Time

Jack reveals that Dalek armour can be penetrated by bastic bullets, as previously established in Revelation Of The Daleks (1985).

The Dying Days

Captain Jack appeared to be killed (at least as far as the Doctor was aware) because Russell T Davies felt that having him on board the TARDIS after the regeneration would take something away from Rose's shock of dealing with a new Doctor.

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